2021 Harley-Davidson® Iron 1200™ vs 2022 Yamaha Bolt

2021 Harley-Davidson® Iron 1200™ vs 2022 Yamaha Bolt

2021 Harley-Davidson® Iron 1200™ vs 2022 Yamaha Bolt
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2021 Harley-Davidson® Iron 1200™ vs 2022 Yamaha Bolt

If you have been trying to decide between the popular 2021 Iron 1200™ and the 2022 Yamaha Bolt, you have come to the right place. These Cruisers are very similar with a range of great features and amenities. Still, they have a few noteworthy differences. So which one is better? That is what we are going to look at in this useful little guide. Hopefully, this Cruiser comparison will help you make up your mind!

A Look at the 2021 Harley-Davidson® Iron 1200™

The 2021 Iron 1200™ is a powerful and robust motorcycle with a dark factory-custom look. This edgy bike is a great choice for riders who love authentic custom-looking Chopper appeal. As one of Harley-Davidson®’s nicest Cruisers, this is also a wonderful motorcycle for those who crave throwback style. With retro details and vintage appeal, this anti-chrome bike has been nicely updated as well in the 2021 model year. It has modern finishes and premium performance. Those with a need for speed will appreciate the 1200 cc Evolution air-cooled V-twin engine and Mini Ape handlebars of the Iron 1200™. It also has a blacked-out chopper profile and the power to take you to new places. Therefore, light-duty touring will not be an issue on this motorcycle. You will also appreciate a comfortable upright riding position with mid-mounted foot controls. With a natural reaching position to the controls, this Cafe-Racer-styled Cruiser cradles you mile after mile. Turn day trips into night rides with an included headlight. Also, you will enjoy the 1970s-inspired tank graphics. These tank graphics nod to the retro roots of Harley’s older Iron models. The blacked-out finishes then extend from the powertrain to the air cleaner covers. Even the exhaust has blacked-out powder-coated finishes. All in all, this motorcycle is well-equipped to dominate your local urban grid or head out on the highway. It also comes in three factory-premium paint color packages. The Mini Ape handlebars have been designed with a conservative rise to allow you to get that wind in your hair feeling. Finally, with 1200 cc’s at your command, you will enjoy tons of torque and a deep, soul-satisfying engine sound. The 2021 Iron 1200™ makes for an unforgettably fun ride!

A Look at the 2022 Yamaha Bolt

With the Yamaha Bolt, you will get lots of engine displacement. It has a torquey V? Twin engine and functions as a performance bobber. It combine old? school soul and modern form. Stripped down with minimal chrome, it tries to create an “Urban Bobber” look. The compact chassis has a 58-cubic-inch 60-degree air-cooled V-twin 942 cc engine. The small slim body and low seat height design give the Bolt light maneuverability and a nimble feeling. The upright riding posture lets you feel the pulse of the machine. This motorcycle has been totally stripped-down. So, if you want accessories or specific Design Elements included, you can add them on after the fact. Transmission as well. It works for in-town riding or light-duty highway travel.

Final Word on the 2021 Harley-Davidson® Iron 1200™ vs 2022 Yamaha Bolt

When it comes down to it, both of these Bobber-style Cruiser Cafe bikes are great for urban riding. Additionally, both motorcycles can be taken out on the highway for some fun thrills. However, if you plan to do any light-duty touring, the 2021 Iron 1200™ is the better option. After all, there’s no replacement for displacement. The Iron 1200™ will give you 1200 cc’s of air-cooled power. Plus, the Iron 1200™ is a more stable bike with a comfortable Cafe solo seat. This seat does a great job of keeping you in a balanced comfortable position all day long. We also appreciate the solid feel and attention to detail of the 2021 Iron 1200™. In the opinion of most, it comes in better paint color options as well. Still, the 2022 Yamaha Bolt is a great motorcycle for those who want a totally stripped-down basically blank canvas of a Bobber motorcycle.

Come See the 2021 Harley-Davidson® Iron 1200™ at Seacoast Harley-Davidson® in North Hampton New Hampshire

Are you still not sure which of these two motorcycles is ideal for your exact riding needs? Not to worry, you can come and take a test ride on a range of Iron model motorcycles here at our Harley-Davidson® dealership. We have a massive lineup of Iron 883s, Iron 1200™s, and more. So, just give us a call and let us schedule a test ride for you. Or, you can easily schedule test rides online 24/7. We will work hard to help you figure out which motorcycle is ideal for your unique applications!