2022 Harley-Davidson® Nightster™ in North Hampton NH

2022 Harley-Davidson® Nightster™ in North Hampton NH

2022 Harley-Davidson® Nightster™ in North Hampton NH
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2022 Harley-Davidson® Nightster™ Overview

The 2022 Harley-Davidson® Nightster™ is one of the most anticipated new motorcycles in a model year in which H-D® will be adding eight new options to its lineup. Seacoast Harley-Davidson® is the leading H-D® dealership serving North Hampton Rochester Dover New Hampshire, and we are thrilled to announce that the Nightster™ is available in our showroom and that we are now scheduling test-rides. Our locations can also assist you with financing, motorcycle insurance, accessories, gear and much more.

Introducing the Nightster™

The Sportster is among the most legendary of the Harley-Davidson® families, but it has traditionally been powered with an air-cooled engine. That is not the case with the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Nightster™ in North Hampton. It is powered by the Revolution Max, which is a liquid-cooled engine. Despite this fundamental change, the bike remains true to the look and feel that have made the Sportster so iconic. Harley-Davidson® has even shaped the airbox cover like the traditional peanut-shaped fuel tank. The actual fuel tank is located under the seat, but this design choice helps to maintain the classic aesthetic.

This Is the Right Bike For

With the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Nightster™, the brand is targeting enthusiasts who love the look of the classic Sportster but prefer the Revolution Max platform and other advanced features. Our team serving North Hampton Rochester Dover New Hampshire believes that the Nightster™ is an excellent option for any riders who want a nimble and quick motorcycle with razor-sharp handling. Collectors and fans of Harley-Davidson® heritage will also appreciate it for all that it reflects about the brand’s past and future.

Color Options

The Nightster™ has a blacked-out aesthetic mostly. There are metal finishes, such as the engine, but very little chrome outside of the forks. As is the case with most Harley-Davidson® models, Vivid Black is the standard paint color. There are also two premium options. Gunship Gray changes the overall aesthetic in subtle ways, and Redline Red changes it in a much more dramatic way.

Riding Characteristics

If you are familiar with the riding characteristics of the traditional Sportster, you can expect a similar feel when you test-ride the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Nightster™ in North Hampton. The bike has a low profile and mid-mount foot controls, and it puts the rider in a forward riding position. The Nightster™ is a somewhat smaller bicycle than the Sportster S, and that may make it more accessible to some riders.


Powering the new Nightster™ is the Revolution Max 975T engine. It is a liquid-cooled V-Twin engine, and the T indicates that it is tuned for more torque at low RPM. This ensures that you get strong acceleration and smooth and ample power throughout the mid-range. The performance ratings for this engine are 90 horsepower at 7,500 rpm and 70 pound-feet of torque at 5,000 rpm.

Available Rider Safety Enhancements

The Sportster comes with the full range of rider-assistance technologies that Harley-Davidson® offers. With the Nightster™, H-D® takes a different approach. A traction control system, drag-torque slip control system and anti-lock brake system are included standard. The other feature available is a system that can automatically adjust performance to match available traction during acceleration, braking, cornering, and deceleration. Note that this is only available as a factory-installed option. If you are unsure whether you want this equipment, you can experience both setups when you test-ride the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Nightster™ in North Hampton.

Make It Yours

Harley-Davidson® knows that the Nightster™ will be a popular choice among enthusiasts seeking to customize their bikes. It has even marketed it as the “ultimate canvas” for makers and creators. The brand ensured that there would be a wide range of accessories for the Nightster™ when it launched. Our dealership provides you complete access to the H-D® catalog. We have many Nightster™ accessories in stock, and you want something that we don’t have in stock, we can get it here fast.

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You can see the Nightster™ in person at Seacoast Harley-Davidson®, and our showroom is open Monday through Sunday. If you would like to set up a test-drive at our location serving North Hampton Rochester Dover New Hampshire, you can call us, or you can schedule through our website. We also encourage you to call us or contact us online if you have any question at all about the Nightster™ or its accessories.