2021 Harley-Davidson® CVO™ Tri Glide® near Exeter NH

2021 Harley-Davidson® CVO™ Tri Glide® near Exeter NH

2021 Harley-Davidson® CVO™ Tri Glide® near Exeter NH
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2021 Harley-Davidson® CVO™ Tri Glide® Overview

The 2021 CVO™ Tri Glide® offers riders the perfect balance of comfort, convenience, and style. This three-wheeled masterpiece represents an impressive alternative for those who want to experience the heart-pounding thrills of touring without having to compromise in any category. With its bold styling, chrome accents, and various custom accessories, this is an awesome platform for creativity as well. Harley-Davidson® has designed this trike as the paragon of comfort for riders seeking a signature three-wheeled highway or city cruising experience! With its large Tomahawk wheels, Twin-Cooled Milwaukee-Eight® engine, and a spacious trunk, the 2021 CVO™ Tri Glide® has it all! If you want to check out the CVO™ Tri Glide® in person, simply come down to SEACOAST HARLEY-DAVIDSON, serving Exeter and the surrounding areas. We have the 2021 CVO™ Tri Glide® and a range of other stunning three-wheelers for you to test ride! To learn more, call today or visit our website.

Features of the 2021 Harley-Davidson® CVO™ Tri Glide®

For 2021, this trike comes fully locked and loaded! First of all, This spiffy three-wheeler has been equipped with the most powerful engine of all time among Harley-Davidson® factory-built machines. With its Milwaukee-Eight® 117 Twin-Cooled engine, you will get over 117 cubic inches of potent horizon chasing capability! This engine is only available on CVO™ models such as the Tri Glide®. You will also get color-accented Rocker Box Lowers with stunning finishes! In fact, you can choose from a range of CVO™ specific color schemes in unique tones such as Charred Crimson, or Sunset Black with vivid red-tinted Sunset Orange accents. These exclusive paint colors and designs have been executed to a level of intricate quality! As such, you will enjoy unmatched detailing in the Harley-Davidson® CVO™ automotive segment. In addition to this, the 2021 CVO™ Tri Glide® comes with a comfortable yet alert upright riding position. In this position, you will be able to master the road ahead in controlled comfort mile after mile. This motorcycle also comes with fork-mounted fairing and floorboards. Its high-performance suspension offers dual bending valves with suspension and emulsion components. The hand-adjustable preload inputs give you control over your responsive and plush ride. Moreover, the 2021 CVO™ Tri Glide® comes with one of the most advanced infotainment systems available on any touring machine. With a premium Boom!™ GTS Infotainment System, you will enjoy an evolved touchscreen interface. This interface offers a contemporary look with superior functionality and durability. Exceptionally refined, this system also features various elements that have been specifically designed for the needs of modern touring riders. Then, for riding in the dark, this trike includes a superior LED lighting setup. The LED lighting combo includes a headlamp, tail signals, fog lamps, and brake lamps. In addition to this, you will enjoy three premium contrast cut Tomahawk wheels. These wheels measure 19-inches in the front and 18-inches in the rear with custom stylized hubcaps! If that is not enough, this trike also comes with premium heated seats. As such, passengers and riders will enjoy a comfortable touring experience even in cooler weather. Another wonderful feature of this three-wheeler is its spacious trunk. With an easy-to-access design, storing your gear and the gear of a passenger is simple! So, you can load up and blast off for a weekend adventure in minutes. Moreover, this trike offers a full-on custom style experience. From fender to fender, the CVO™ Tri Glide® is gorgeous! With its custom seat covers, hand-stitching, and heavy breather air cleaner paint treatments, you will be able to turn heads wherever you ride. The 2021 CVO™ Tri Glide® even comes with a wireless headset. This headset is equipped with Boom!™ Audio 30k Bluetooth capabilities. So, you can enjoy hands-free calls, music, GPS navigation, and so much more. Without a doubt, Harley-Davidson®’s 2021 CVO™ Tri Glide® truly is a superior choice for touring riders who want to have it all!


• Top-tier CVO™ Milwaukee-Eight® 117 Twin-Cooled Powertrain
• Comfortable upright riding position
• Two-tone Exclusive CVO™ Edition paint colors
• Six-speed Cruise Drive Transmission
• Floorboards
• Pairs with many Kahuna accessories
• Padded passenger seat with backrest
• Boom!™ GTS Infotainment System
• Standard 2021 H-D RDRS technology
• Bright Daymaker LED headlamps
• Nimble fairing
• Spacious trunk with a rack