Test Ride 2021 Harley-Davidson® Sportster® S

Test Ride 2021 Harley-Davidson® Sportster® S

Test Ride 2021 Harley-Davidson® Sportster® S
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2021 Harley-Davidson® Sportster® S Overview

Seacoast Harley-Davidson® is the leading H-D® dealership serving New Hampton and the neighboring communities. If you want to test ride a Harley-Davidson® in this region, we are your top option due to an amazing selection of new bikes that includes the all-new 2021 Harley-Davidson® Sportster® S. Those of you who have been paying attention during the design phase of this new bike may be familiar with the Custom 1250 name. That was the working name for the project, but Harley-Davidson® announced that it had chosen the Sportster® S moniker just prior to launch. The Sportster® is the oldest line in the H-D® lineup. This new motorcycle carries on that tradition but brings it into the future in a number of key ways, and we feel that it is important for any H-D® enthusiast to experience it for himself or herself.

Sportster® Tradition

Let us take a moment to put the new Sportster® S into perspective, and this is perhaps aimed at younger H-D® enthusiasts who may not yet appreciate why this new bike is a big deal. The Sportster® is the longest-running model in the Harley-Davidson® lineup. It was introduced in 1957. It has not had a major update in more than 35 years. In fact, the last major update was way back in 1986.

The New Sportster® S

As Harley-Davidson® puts it, this new model is the first chapter in a whole new saga for this legendary motorcycle. It boasts a low profile, a stretched riding position and forward foot controls. RDRS is included as standard equipment as is an infotainment system. The new Harley-Davidson® Sportster® S is a bike that makes a statement and stands out from the crowd. It delivers stunning style but with top-of-the-line performance coupled with aggressive riding characteristics and the agility and handling of a sport bike. A defining characteristic of this new bike is how light it is. In running order, it weighs in at just a hair north of 500 pounds. That makes it one of the lightest and most powerful vehicles in its segment, and as of this writing, it has the highest power-to-weight ratio in the class.

All-New Revolution® Max Engine

The Harley-Davidson® Sportster® S is a high-performance bike, and it boasts the all-new Revolution® Max 1250T engine. This is a Liquid-cooled 60-degree V-Twin turbo engine that should not be confused with the 1250 found in the Pan America. The T in 1250T stands for torque. Harley-Davidson® has optimized it so that it delivers flat torque delivery. That means its quick off the line and gives you that feel of pull throughout the power band. This engine makes it very competitive among modern cruisers and bobbers, and the importance of the low weight discussed earlier cannot be overstated.

Rider-Selectable Modes

Another great reason to schedule a Seacoast Harley-Davidson® test ride for the Harley-Davidson® Sportster® S is that this is only the second bike in the H-D® lineup to offer selectable drive modes. These include Rain, Road, Sport and Custom A, which can be defined by the rider. A rain mode is interesting because it is not just for riding in inclement weather. Harley-Davidson® actually recommends it for all riders getting used to this bike due to the sheer amount of power it can deliver.

Massive Catalogue of Parts and Accessories

The days of waiting for your favorite bike to be supported are long gone. Harley-Davidson® ensures that its new models are well represented in its catalog, and there has perhaps never been a better example of this support than with the Sportster® S. The sheer amount of aftermarket parts, accessories and other products available right now is just incredible, and riders who like to customize and accessorize their H-D® motorcycles are going to have a great time with the selection.

Request a Seacoast Harley-Davidson® Test Ride

There is no other motorcycle like this one in the Harley-Davidson® lineup. It becomes an instant classic and a top option among performance cruisers and bobbers. You owe it to yourself to experience the 2021 Harley-Davidson® Sportster® S for yourself, and our dealership wants to help. Just visit our website, and let us know of your interest. Our team will get back to you in short order to schedule your test ride appointment and to personalize it to you.